Our Guardians

Our Working Line German Shepherd Breeder

Our Female Guardians

Meet Uggy!

We recently welcomed Uggy! We imported Uggy from Slovak recently! She is a dark sable female with nice drives & good character! We look forward to working with her & watching what she produces for us!

SV- Normal Hips & Elbows Titled Svv1

Our Guardians


SV- Normal(Hips & Elbows) Titled Svv1

Our Guardians Elie is a highly trained imported female. She has the title of SVV1. She comes from many champions. She is extremely loving but very watchful over her human pack & home. She is a very large female weighing around 90 lbs. She has a thick build to her. Elie has a good solid drive. Great off switch. Elie is an amazing GSD. We are very proud to own her.

Our Jen

SV- Normal (hips & Elbows) Titled IPO3

We recently imported Jen from Germany. Jen is also highly titled with the title of IPO3. She is a extremely nice girl with a great bloodline full of titled champions. Jen holds a great attachment to her person. She strives to please. Jen has extremely high drives & LOVES to work. She is fitting very well into our program. We are proud to own her! Jen enjoys going horse camping and always keeps a close eye on our little humans to make sure they are safe. She is fitting in great!

Our Lewin

SV- Normal (hips & Elbows) Titled IPO1

Lewin is also a imported female. She has the title of IPO1. Her pedigree is full of world champions. She is dark sabled girl when she hasn’t blown her coat. Lewin loves her family. She is aloof to strangers. She a stocky built girl. We are happy to have her here with us.

We do have two young females & a young male that are growing up in our program also! We are very excited about their future! 2020 will be our growing year!

Our Male Guardians

Meet Our Former Canine Extreme!

Hips & Elbows- OFA- Good & Normal, DM Clear Working in Personal Protection & IPO training

This boy is so very amazing & he puts a lot of himself into his puppies! He is so EAGER to work hard for you. The Sky is always the limit when working with him. Former is from Germany. He has a pedigree full of world champions & it shows! Former works in IPO. He is also one of my main protectors in home & on the road. He is teaching our young daughter how to be an amazing dog handler. Former is one of the most perfect German shepherds that I have ever owned. We are sad to say that he will be retiring soon from breeding but we are keeping a son from him. Former will live out his retirement here with us. He may start some SAR work or even try some dove diving for fun to him him young! We love this male & anyone who is lucky enough to get a puppy from him should count themselves very blessed.

Meet Garth Von k9 Guardian!

Pennhip- Top 90% Works in Personal Protection

Garth was born here with us. Garth has been raised & trained here at My K9 Guardian. We are extremely proud of this working line boy. We imported Elie(his mother) after she was bred to a world champion dog overseas. Elie had 7 puppies & Garth was one of them. We chose to keep him because he was very attentive & had a super drive. Garth has that awesome drive still today & we are using it! Garth also has a awesome off switch. He is a all around working line gsd. Garth is still young & still changing but he is looking like he is going to be an extremely dark sable boy. We are working Garth in bitework currently & working on his obedience. So far you can’t throw anything at him that he wont excel at.

Recent News! Garth’s Pennhip recently came in at the top 90% !!! Congrats to us! That is amazing!

Our Guardians

Garth Von K9 Guardian with our daughter Raquel.

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